Facebook Dolphin Slaughter: Sharing Is NOT Caring.

In recent light of a popular story being shared all over my newsfeed regarding dolphins being slaughtered in Denmark I would like to say - sharing a bullshit story you find online doesn't make you a better person. The way I look at it, if it's all over Facebook and nowhere to be seen elsewhere on any major medium of information, chances are it's not true (cue the overly liberal conspiricist's rant on how I'm ignorant and insensitive). 

Now I may be wrong but I did some research and it turns out a) these aren't dolphins, anyone can see that and b) they eat the ones they kill. Now I'm going to go out on a limb and say 1/3 (my statistics are entirely based on assumption) of people whining about the slaughters also have eaten a hamburger or some chicken tenders in the past... your whole life. Chickens are packed into sunless, dirty coops tighter than an elevator in Beijing and pumped with steroids until they grow so large they legs snap due to the inability to support their GMO'd up asses. Cows too.

Do I enjoy burgers and breasts, hell ya - as much as anybody does. Do I want to see it being made? Not quite - but you won't ever hear me screaming to "stop the madness!". 

My facts my be off but the logic is; if you wanna bitch about slaughtering animals bitch about all of them. What separates the whales (not dolphins) from chickens? If it's cruel to slaughter sea mammals why not land mammals? Also if you truly believe killing animals for consumption is wrong then become a vegetarian.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian or whatever they teach in yoga class these days then this is not about you - continue standing up for what you believe in. 

For those of you sharing shit like this while munchin In N Out - if you want humanity give it across the board, don't pick and choose for your own Facebook self image and esteem because if you really cared and wanted to make a change you'd go out and do something.

In this case sharing is NOT caring. 



Matt GassComment