"That's Not How It's Done"

As a developing comedian and actor my peers often offer advice on how to get it done and while I'll gladly listen - like a shot of tequila I take it in with a grain of salt. 

There is nothing wrong with giving or taking advice, I do however have an issue with taking it all at face value. When it comes to art, there are no rules, no laws or real cannon that you must follow which is why I feel advice from peers is just them trying to make you more like them. I realize most people aren't cognitively trying to make us more like themselves but that's what it comes down to, "I did it this way - you should too". 

Why? There is no rule for how to get it done, that's the beauty of life - we all have the freedom to walk our own path and do it our way. Why is it that when we break from the norm our peers panic and tell us that we're not doing it right? I wouldn't be surprised if it originates from a fear that while doing it "the wrong way" you may succeed and maybe even on a greater level than they did causing them to question their own methods and even more so the system in which they got their methods of "how it's done" - nobody wants that. Remember the first time you realized your parents didn't know everything?

Now I'm not saying run around telling everyone that tries to help you to fuck off. No. That'd be stupid. 

What I mean is that when somebody offers you advice, listen, let it soak and question it. Question the motive of the solicitor, question why they do it, what it got them and how. If it still makes sense through your inner interrogation then follow it, if it doesn't? Fuck it. Think of it like the digestive system - we put all kinds of shit into our body's and it is our organs' job to absorb what is good and will help us and shit out the rest. Do you go around showing people your poop? No (sometimes I do but only when it's impressive). So keep it to yourself when you disagree with the advice or discuss it - there is no need to shove it in their face... unless it stunk so bad there is no avoiding it.  

There are definitely times when you have to suck up your pride, and follow the advice when it comes from authority that can fuck you over if you don't; bosses, bookers, directors, cops etc... These people make you eat shit - which is why creating your own path and being your own person is important so you don't have to breathe their anus air. Everyone is entitled to their own methods and beliefs but remember that we're also entitled to disagree with those beliefs - it doesn't mean you're wrong, stupid or lost. It means your'e different, you're you. 

So next time somebody tells you you're doing it the wrong way by not following the guidelines laid out by everyone else say "thank you" and remember - if you don't want to be like everyone else so why do it like everyone else?

Take my advice, or don't. Long hurr don't curr. 






Matt Gass1 Comment