Being "HAPPY! :D" All The Time Is Kinda... Depressing

Scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed and count how many memes you see about what we call happiness. There're a lot, I didn't bother counting.

There've been many blogs, comics and diagrams posted about how we're the new 60's and I'd say it's true. We run around on molly, wearing bright colors, listening to fabricated happy-time music claiming to be all enlightened and eternally happy and at peace with the world. 

I think we're full of shit.

Anyone who's truly at peace would know you need to understand anger to know happiness and that being depressed every once in a while puts shit into perspective - without hating life how can you love it? You can't. You end up an entitled little prick whining about why he didn't get the iPhone 5s for the B+  het got on his report card. You CAN"T be happy all the time, it's not healthy. It's not what we want and it's certainly not what we need - in THIS society. 

There's nothing wrong with living a bohemian lifestyle but if you want to live it then commit. Don't claim you just want to be happy and at peace then spend your free time getting baked and watching Netflix but complaining on Facebook that rich people are evil and you hate corporations. Without them nothing you just did was possible... for you. Can you survive in capitalist world without corporations - absolutely, but that takes hard work and that's not what you signed up for is it?

No. Because if you did you wouldn't post about it on Facebook, you wouldn't waste a day watching an entire series and you certainly wouldn't place the blame on everyone but yourself. Peace doesn't come from a meme so stop pointlessly hating the different theories of society, economy and philosophy; in theory they all sound great but when applied we tend to eventually fuck it up. There is no utopia, no eternal happiness, there is only us - and acceptance. 

We're the problem, we're flawed. Once you learn that then happiness is easy, the responsibility is gone and then... you're free. What better way to define happiness than through freedom?

- MG


I'm broke.


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